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ISCLC Organized Scholarship Students in Confucius Institute Visited the Museum of Chinese Characters in Anyang

Time:2013-12-29      Source:未知      Author:admin

On the morning of November 2nd, ISCLC organized 17 Scholarship students of MTCSOL from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, Thailand and Kyrgyzstan and so on to visit the Museum of Chinese Characters in Anyang. In order to conduct the project of investigating the origin of Chinese characters successfully, our school appointed professional teachers as the guides going together with the students.

In the Museum of Chinese Characters in Anyang, the teachers as the guides explained in details the important status of the Jiaguwen (oracle bone inscriptions) in the process of Chinese characters’ formation and evolution, and made explanation of some characters such as “niao” and “shui”. These all made the students full of interests. Luoshalin from Thailand said:”Chinese characters are really amazing, and many characters are like drawing pictures.” Student from Romania—Mihai said:”It’s my first time to know and see that there are characters engraved on bones and I’m really astonished. Characters can really be engraved on bones and turtle shells.”

The visit to the Museum of Chinese Characters in Anyang have induced primary understanding of the origin and evolution of Chinese characters in students and made them know the pr0foundness of Chinese characters.