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ISCLC Organized Scholarship Students in Confucius Institute Visited Shaolin Temple

Time:2013-04-11      Source:ISCLC      Author:Anonymous

On the morning of November 17th, ISCLC organized 28 scholarship students in Confucius Institute from America, Russia, Canada, Korea, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Cameroon, Mongolia, and Egypt and so on to visit Shaolin Temple, Songshan Mountains.

During the trip, the guide explained the important status of Shaolin temple in Chinese Kung Fu and Zen culture in concise Chinese, and led students to visit the Front Gate, Heavenly Kings Hall, Great Buddha’s Hall, Bell Tower, Depositarry of Buddhist Texts, Buddhist Abbot’s Room, Thousand Buddha Hall and Tower Forest. At last, in the lead of guide and teachers, students watched a wonderful Kung Fu performance presented by Shaolin pupils. Through the trip, students got the first understanding of the history of Shaolin temple, and more intuitive knowledge of Chinese ancient building, calligraphy, sculpture, art and religion.

After visiting the temple and watching the performance, scholarship students have deepened their understanding of Chinese Kung Fu and Zen culture, and aroused the interest in learning Chinese culture.