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The Confucius Institute Conducted “Middle School Students’ Day” for the Popularization of Chinese Language and Culture

Time:2013-04-11      Source:ISCLC      Author:Anonymous

Recently, the attached Confucius Institute of Henan University conducted “Chinese Day” in the student center of the University of Akron for 8 local middle schools, which provided a chance for 360 Chinese learners to experience Chinese calligraphy, folk songs, martial arts and some other traditional Chinese cultural items.

The Chinese president Zhao Chengxin delivered a welcoming address in the opening ceremony; the vise president of the University of Akron, Jim Tressel expressed his affirmation of the achievement which the Confucius institute had got on the popularization of Chinese language and culture

After the opening ceremony, the middle school students started to experience different Chinese cultural elements successively, such as calligraphy, folk songs, Chinese tea art, martial arts, popular songs and handwork, etc. and came into contact with Chinese traditional culture personally.

After tasting a decent Chinese luncheon, a heated competition of Chinese skills was started among the 8 middle schools, which contained storytelling, drama playing, reciting of Chinese ancient poetry, cross talk, and singing Chinese songs. Various performances revealed their high level of Chinese. At last, three representative groups won the competition and six students stand out in the competition of composition. The winner could not only get exquisite prize but also get the chance of free attendance of the HSK examination.