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Xiaofei Cui

Time:2015-11-02      Source:ISCLC      Author:Anonymous

International College of Henan University, Minglun Street 85, Kaifeng, Henan China (475001)

(86-10)139 - 37863163


A highly experienced teacher with extensive experience gained from a background in Chinese teaching.


2008.9 - 2011.7 Jinan University, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Doctor of LiteratureLinguistics and Applied Linguistics

2008.6 - 2008.8 Fudan University, Chinese Language Training Courses

2001.9 - 2004.7 Henan University, Chinese Language, Master of Arts

2002.9 - 2003.9 Taisho University of Japan, Language and Culture course

1999.6 - 1999.9 Beijing Language and Culture University, Chinese Research and teaching methods

1993.9 - 1997.7 Henan University, Chinese Linguistic Literature, Bachelors



Associate Professor, Director of Chinese Language Teaching, Tutor of Chinese International Education Master

? Responsible for teaching plan and curriculum arrangement of Chinese language teaching

? Organization of HSK Test at Henan University

? Professional guidance, teaching practice and paper work for MA students

2006.5 - 2012.8

Lecturer, Chinese Language Teaching

? Teaching different courses, that is ,Chinese Intensive Reading Course, Chinese listening and speaking course, Chinese Reading Course, Introduction to Chinese culture etc.

According to the different characteristics of students take different individualized teaching methods, establish a two-way communication, and mobilize the enthusiasm of students in active learning

2004.1 - 2006.4

Associate Professor, Chinese Department of National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan

? Teaching Language Curriculum, Introduction of Chinese characters , Chinese listening and speaking, Chinese reading etc. for the undergraduate students

? Chinese Linguistics, Chinese grammar topics and other professional courses

? Lecture of Chinese Culture and "China Culture Week"

1997.7 - 2004.1

Assistant Professor

? Chinese teaching and students daily management work


? Presided over nine scientific research projects

? Published sixteen research papers


1997.5 Certificate of Chinese Mandarin, Class A

2000.6 Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Chinese Ministry of education

2004.3 Excellent Chinese teachers, Pakistan National University of Modern Languages

2004.8 Certificate of Chinese High School Teacher qualification

2014.1 Certificate for HSK Administrator

2014.12 Certificate for HSK Marking


Tai Chi, Football, Table tennis, Chess, Swimming, Travelling